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In the digital realm, a website is an essential element for businesses, irrespective of their size and type.


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In the digital realm, a website is an essential element for businesses, irrespective of their size and type. It helps them increase their brand presence via the Internet breaking geographical boundaries. A professional website design itself can be used to attain various marketing strategies in order to help your business surge. Thoughtfully created website designs have a far outspread reach than any other form of marketing tool.

Increasing visibility is one of the factors that necessitate having a site with a clean web page design. A professional web design arouses the curiosity of visitors to dive in further. Whether you’re into construction, food & drink, education, or any such business, Wayne Graphics Solutions is a single-point destination for all your graphic design needs.

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web design portfolio

Ecommerce Website Design

web design portfolio

Tourism Website Design

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ICT Company Website Design

web design portfolio

Tourism Website Design

web design portfolio

Betting Affilate Website Design

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Ecommerce Website Design

pinnacle hr hub

Hr Services Website

seo agency in kenya

SEO Agency Website

swish traders

Forex Trading Cources


What is website design?

Website design creates the overall appearance and reflection of the company’s brand and information. A whole gamut of techniques and skills are involved in creating a web page design to give it the desired look.

So web design is about deciding on many elements, such as the layout, graphics, colors, fonts, structure, content, text styles, interactive features, imagery, interface, standardized code, etc.

You also need to create a logo to enhance the look of your site and attract users. Professional website design maintains an appropriate balance in the different elements and ensures consistency and integrity of the design.

Importance of web design

Website design has become inevitable to do business and highlighting its online presence in the modern competitive markets.

It contains all the information like details of a company, its products or services, contacts, blogs, and much more. Professional web design has the ability to create a desired corporate identity of a business and delivers its brand message to the target audience.

A creative web page design is a tool also for better conversion rate, by which a company can achieve steady growth in sales and revenue. Moreover, user-friendly online web designs build trust for products or services, which is essential to creating a stable, loyal customer base.

Who needs a professionally designed website?

A professionally-designed website design is essential for every business in this digital age.

All those enterprises willing to have a dominating online presence and to stay ahead of competitors look for outstanding modern website designs. So every company, be it a logo design, website design, brochure design, or any other company in a hard-fought competitive market, looks for a unique website to stand out.

Such a professional website design has brand colors and fonts, relevant images, icons, content, etc., that truly reflect the company’s business values and message.

Pricing Table

Small Pricing Plan For
Website Design

Website Design

Starts from

Kshs 14,500/Project

Multi page
Website Design

Starts from

Kshs 19,500/Project

Website Design

Starts from

Kshs 27,500/Project

Pricing Table

Small Pricing Plan Forr
Website Maintenance

Portfolio Website Maintenance

Starts from

Kshs 3,500/Per Project

Multi page Website Maintenance

Starts from

Kshs 4,500/Per Project

eCommerce Website Maintenance

Starts from

Kshs 6,500/Per Project

Here are all the search engine ranking optimization packages containing cost of each SEO Service providing to rank your website on google.

Search Engine Optimization Packages

Starter Package

Ideal for Service-Based Portfolio websites

Kshs 20,000/Project

Super Package

Ideal for Service-Based multipage websites.

Kshs 30,000/Project

Pro Package

Ideal for Ecommerce Business

Kshs 45,000/Project

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